The Neighborhood Dining Group is always looking for enthusiastic, creative and passionate individuals who want to join our team, contribute and make a difference. We recognize that our ability to be successful will largely be due to the hard work and dedicated efforts of our staff.

We strive to create a professional work environment built on values, integrity and honesty so that our staff – regardless of position or role – has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We work hard to create a place where balance between work and personal lives can be achieved. We care about our staff both professionally and personally and provide guided development to help achieve a synergy of both.



  • Further your career and learn from us
  • You will have a five day work week
  • Participate in incentive plans
  • Medical, dental, life insurance available
  • Professional and respectful work environment
  • You will be able to participate in our 401(k) retirement plan with company match
  • You will have paid vacations
  • Free shift meal and discounted dining in our restaurants
  • For consideration please E mail your resume to jwahlstrom@ndgcharleston.com


  • Further your career and learn from skilled associates
  • Flexible schedules, full and part time positions
  • Professional and respectful work environment
  • Great earnings potential
  • Discounted dining in our restaurants
  • Medical, dental and life insurance available for full time positions
  • You will be able to participate in our 401(k) retirement plan with company match
  • Please apply in person at your restaurant of choice
    between the hours of 2 pm and 5 pm


The Neighborhood Dining Group’s success hinges on the dedication of our professionals. We would like to highlight the continued service of some of our longtime employees that have been with us for 5 years and longer:

25 years

24 years
MARTIN, JENNIFER - Bartender Chicago's

20 years

17 years
MILLER, JEFF - Manager McCrady's Tavern

16 years
GALAN, OSCAR — Manager Minero Atlanta

13 years
GRIMES, NESTLE - Manager Husk Charleston
HENDERSON, MATTHEW - Server McCrady’s Counter/McCrady's Tavern
PATARROYO, JUAN - Kitchen Chicago’s

11 years
HERNANDEZ, TELESFORO — Kitchen Chicago’s
RODRIGUEZ, ALEJANDRO — Kitchen Chicago’s

10 years
BALLARD, BRAD - Husk Nashville
BROCK, SEAN - Executive Chef/Partner NDG
HOWARD, BRITTANY — Manager Minero Atlanta

8 years
CHAPMAN, CHRISTIAN — Manager Minero Charleston
CUNNINGHAM, KRISTIN — Executive Coordinator NDG
PARKER, MATTHEW — Sever McCrady's Tavern/Husk Charleston
RODRIGUEZ, PEDRO — Kitchen Chicago’s
WERNER, JUSTIN — Server Minero Charleston

6 years
BRESNAHAN, JENNIFER — Manager Husk Charleston
CHERRY, JUSTIN — Manager McCrady's Tavern
FLOWERS, MELINDA — Server Husk Charleston
FRANKLIN, BRIAN — Server Husk Charleston
GRUBBS, WESLEY — Manager Minero Charleston
HOWLE, GRAM — Server Minero Charleston
KAFADER, MELANIE — Server Husk Charleston
KURZEN, JOHNATHAN — Manager Husk Charleston
KYNOSKI, ZACHARY — Manager Husk Charleston
LOONEY, ROBERT — Kitchen McCrady’s Counter/McCrady's Tavern
MART, TANYA — Server Husk Charleston
PEETE, CAROLYN — Manager NDG/McCrady's Counter/McCrady's Tavern
SLEASMAN, JOHN — Manager McCrady’s Counter
TISDALE, KENT — Server Husk Charleston

5 years
ARMOUR, TRAVIS - Server Husk Charleston
BAXTER, BRIAN - Manager Husk Nashville
HALE, NICALA - Server Husk Charleston
MCLEOD, ANDREW - Kitchen Husk Nashville
MUZIKA, SHELLY - Server McCrady's Tavern
PACHUCA, VERONICA - Kitchen Minero Charleston
RICHARDSON, WILL - Server Husk Charleston

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