The Neighborhood Dining Group (NDG) and President David Howard, a James Beard semifinalist for Best Restaurateur operates and manages restaurants throughout the Southeast. NDG oversees every aspect of concept development, construction, culture, people, and daily operations.

NDG’s restaurant portfolio includes Husk (Charleston, SC; Nashville, TN; and Savannah, GA), Minero (Johns Island, SC; Atlanta, GA), and Delaney Oyster House (Charleston, SC).

NDG has been fortunate to gain many accolades, including Bon Appétit “2011 Best New Restaurant in America” for Husk Charleston, one of GQ’s “12 Most Outstanding Restaurants of the Year” and an Esquire “Best New Restaurant in America” in 2014 for Husk Nashville, and McCrady’s named one of “America’s Best Restaurants of 2016” by Wine Enthusiast.

“The strength of our company comes from our fine staff of over 550 talented individuals who inspire me on a daily basis. They are loyal, professional, long-serving, enthusiastic, and hardworking.

Through expansion, we have not only been able to create jobs in our restaurants, but positively impact the communities where we operate. This is important to me. We are not just opening restaurants.”

– David Howard, President of The Neighborhood Dining Group



It’s easy to understand why David Howard—who was born in the same home as Admiral Lord Nelson in Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk, England—has a thirst for travel and adventure. Hospitality industry veteran and chef by trade, Howard developed a strong reputation for his work ethic and his career-long commitment to strive to be the best in all aspects of his restaurants.

His cooking interest began early. At 8 years old, he had already announced his intention to be a chef and frequently locked himself in the kitchen at the family farm in rural England to bake cookies. At 16, Howard followed his creativity and passion for cooking to culinary school. Upon graduation, he received an invitation to serve his culinary apprenticeship at the world-renowned Claridge’s of London. He then lived and worked in Genève, Switzerland, Copenhagen, Denmark, Dublin, Ireland, and Bermuda before fulfilling his dream and immigrating to the USA, “the land of opportunity,” in 1972.

Once in the United States, Howard worked in Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Colorado, New Jersey, and South Carolina. Then in 1991, he opened his first restaurant, Chicago’s Steak and Seafood, in Roswell, GA.

In 2001 Howard founded a restaurant management company Neighborhood Dining Group (NDG) to oversee the growth of additional business opportunities in Charleston, SC, and partnered with a group of local investors. That successful partnership has blossomed into multiple restaurants in three states throughout the South.



The Neighborhood Dining Group’s success hinges on the dedication of our professionals. We would like to highlight the continued service of some of our longtime employees that have been with us for 2 years and longer:

32 years
David Howard – President – NDG

16 years
Brittany Link – Human Resources Director – NDG

14 Years
Matthew Parker – Server – Husk Charleston

13 Years
Alexis Howard – General Manager – Minero Mexican Grill & Cantina

11 Years
Christopher Schoolfield – Server – Husk Charleston
Talmage Hinson – Server – Husk Charleston

10 Years
Kenny Lyons – Vice President of Operations – NDG
Nicholas Noce – Server – Husk Charleston
Randy DeWeese – Server – Husk Charleston

9 years
Kenneth Dedmon – Bartender – Husk Nashville
Kevin King – Manager – The James

8 years
Adam Morgan – Bartender – Husk Nashville
Amie Hartley-Leonard – Administrator – Husk Nashville

7 years
Adelina Sanchez Perez – Kitchen – Minero Atlanta
Alexandria Rogers – General Manager – Minero Atlanta
Angela Bonura – Manager – Minero Atlanta
Ben Norton – Executive Chef – Husk Nashville
Bryan O’Kelly – Chef de Cuisine – Husk Nashville
Candelaria Bibiano – Kitchen – Minero Atlanta

Katy Powers – Culinary Operations Mananger – NDG
Michael Greene – Kitchen – Minero Atlanta
Orlan Rose – Server – Minero Atlanta
Rory O’Connell – General Manager – Husk Nashville
Thano Paris – Kitchen – Minero Atlanta

6 years
Alec Feldman – Kitchen – Minero Atlanta
Chase Elliott – Corporate Controller – NDG
Chelsey Espinera – General Manager – Delaney Oyster House
Gerardo Olague – Server – Minero Atlanta
Katrina Martinez – Manager – Husk Nashville
Katy Spitzer – Pastry Chef – Husk Charleston
Kevin Gregory – Server – Husk Charleston
Miranda Burke – Bartender – Minero Atlanta

5 years
Alan Laguna – Executive Sous Chef – Minero Atlanta
Alyssa Frondorf – Server – Husk Nashville

David Tumblin – Server – Husk Savannah
Jeremy Beachy – Server – Husk Charleston
Joshua Gause – General Manager – Husk Savannah
Nelly Ruiz – Kitchen – Minero Atlanta
Nicholas Carlisle – Sous Chef – Husk Savannah
Olivia Turner – Server – Husk Savannah
Rebecca Mullis – Bartender – Husk Savannah
Robert Floyd – Server – Husk Charleston
Shamil Velazquez – Executive Chef – Delaney Oyster House

4 years
Curtis Bloor – Manager – Minero Atlanta
Emily Pigott – Host – Husk Charleston
Irma Hernandez – Kitchen – Minero Atlanta
Jessica Helft – Manager – Husk Nashville
Johel Avila-Avila – Bartender – Minero Atlanta
John Coleman – Kitchen – Husk Savannah
Joseph Whitfield – Kitchen – Husk Charleston
Justin Odgen – Bartender – Minero Atlanta
Kadeem Johnson – Server Assistant/Host – Minero Atlanta
Kiara Anderson – Server – Minero Atlanta
Richard Denis – Executive Sous Chef – Husk Nashville
Victoria Haskins – Server Assistant – Husk Charleston

3 years
Bradley Jorgensen – Server – Delaney Oyster House
Caleb Berg – Server – Husk Charleston
Carolyn Lassen – Server – Husk Nashville
Cees Brinkman – Server Assistant – Husk Nashville
Christina Hanlon – Administrator – Husk Savannah
Craig Fields – Kitchen – Husk Savannah
David Fluharty – Assistant General Manager – Husk Charleston

Hayden Smith – Server – Husk Nashville
Michael Williams – Kitchen – Husk Charleston
Quamain Fields – Kitchen – Husk Savannah

2 years
Adam George – Kitchen – Husk Charleston
Alphonzo Brown – Kitchen – Minero Atlanta
Amir Mehrjooya – Bartender – Minero Atlanta
Anastasia Sivco – Server – Husk Nashville
Araceli Cortes Lorenzo – Kitchen – Minero Atlanta
Brian Gomez Martinez – Sous Chef – Husk Savannah
Bryan Cahill – Bartender – Husk Nashville
Cassandra White – Server – Husk Savannah
Domiano McDermott – Server – Husk Nashville
Duncan Kackley – Server Assistant – Husk Charleston
Emanuel Taylor – Kitchen – Minero Atlanta
Grace Yearout – Host – Husk Savannah
Issel Pedroza – Host – Minero Atlanta
Jala Stroud – Host – Husk Charleston
Janette Olague – Server – Minero Atlanta
Jesse Borgman – Sous Chef – Minero Atlanta
Jesse Navarro – Manager – Husk Savannah
Jessica Goldsberry – Server – Minero Atlanta
Jessie Ryals – Server – Minero Atlanta
Joe Padron – Server – Minero Atlanta
Joshua Sinha – Bartender – Husk Nashville
Kailyn Lugg – Server – Husk Charleston
Kendall Corbett – Bartender – Husk Charleston
Kevin Emmanuel – Bartender – Husk Nashville
Logan Weeks – Manager – Minero Mexican Grill & Cantina
Megan Schneeberger – Manager/Sommelier – Husk Charleston
Michael Blackwood – Sous Chef – Husk Savannah
Michael Moroni – Host – Husk Nashville
Michael Splawn – Server – Husk Nashville
Nate Barksdale – Kitchen – Husk Savannah
Patirck Mullin – Kitchen – Husk Nashville
Richard Pham – Server – Minero Atlanta
Samia Simshauser – Host – Husk Savannah
Thomas Willingham – Server – Husk Charleston
William Hogan – Executive Chef – Minero Atlanta

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