To enquire about private dining and event options, please select a restaurant from below for further information:

Charleston, SC

Bourbon Tastings and private event rentals are available for booking from 11am until midnight every day of the week. Maximum party size for these spaces is 30 people and can vary depending on layout. For additional information on pricing, menu options and layout please contact or call Husk at 843.577.2500


Nashville, TN

The Stables at Husk is a private dining and events space located in our historic carriage house, and offers the opportunity for a customized and exclusive Husk experience. The Stables exists separately from the main restaurant with its own kitchen, restrooms and patio, providing an intimate setting.


Savannah, GA

Husk Savannah offers two private dining and events spaces that provide the opportunity for customized and exclusive Husk experiences. The Independent Room occupies the third floor of the restaurant, and can seat 24 for dinner and 36 for a reception. The Oglethorpe room occupies the second floor of the restaurant and provides space to accommodate up to 12 guests with Handicap Access.

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